A.Discover Scuba Diving [ 2dives ]Don’t need certification


What an amazing place to discover scuba diving, Ishigaki is!!

The Discover Scuba Diving is a program for those who don’t have scuba diving certification.
Our experienced instructors will explain how to dive before your bording, and guide you safely into the amazing underwater!
If the sea condition is ok, we will bring you to Manta Point at second dive.


1st Dive: Practice, 2nd Dive: Challenge the Manta point.

Manta Course Point1

You don’t need certification. This course is 2dives and about 6hours.

The 1st dive is shallow. You practice the divinng basic skills. If the sea condition is OK, ・・・ We will bring you to the manta point at 2nd dive!


It is impossible that we take you to the Manta point in 1 dive course.
You need to learn about diving basic rules and skills to dive safely in the Manta point.

Caution:We change the 2nd dive point if the sea condition is bad and it is difficult that dive in the Manta point safely.We ask for your understanding about our dicision.

「Umino Kyoshitsu」is「PADI 5stars・ID diveresort」

Manta Course Point2

「Umino Kyoshitsu」is「PADI 5stars ・ID dive resort」. We promise you the trust and peace of mind about diving.

Our course is based on PADI’s program. The PADI is the most reliable diving association in the world.

Our policy about safety.

Manta Course Point3

Point 1:We took out insurance.
The most important thing about diving is the safety. We never forget it.

Point 2:The number of people ratio is two guests to an instractor.
The professional instractor trained in the all season guide under the sea with you.



2 dives / With a pick-up service¥24,750

Transportation is included if you will be staying in the city area.

2 dives / Without pick-up services¥23,650


Joining Qualifications


More than 10 years old.


You must be able to pass the medical questionnaire.

A person who has applicable items needs a medical certificate.

Important There is an item which applies and even if you come, the person who doesn’t have a medical certificate can’t participate in diving.(Cancellation charge 100%)


7:30-8:00Pick up at the hotel
8:20Arrive at the shop
Briefing on the basics of scuba diving
9:15Leave Ibaruma Port
First dive
11:00Finish the first dive, and move to the second dive point.
Second dive
12:45Finish the second dive, and move to the Ibaruma Port
13:15Arrive at the Ibaruma Port and retuen to the shop
13:30Lunch time & After briefing.
14:30Check out

All time schedule may vary due to sea condition, weather condition etc. If you have a schedule after our dive trip please let us know in advance.

Things you need to bring

Things you need to bringSwimming costume, Towl, Beach sandals, Change of clothes, (Sea sickness preventation medicine)
【Spring-Autumn】 Sun cream, Hooded top, Hat, Sunglasses
【Autumn-Winter】Windbreaker or Fleece



We can’t promice that bring you manta point everytime. It is due to sea and customer’s conditions. The most important thing about diving is the safety.

The Manta is the natural things so We ask for your understanding if you can’t meet Mantas.