D. Fun Diving[ 3dives ]Certification is needed.


The Fun Diving program is designed for those who are already certified in scuba diving. Enjoy a full-day dive tour!
Diving points each day are decided by our boat captain. The decision is based on the sea condition and our guests’ skill level.
Requests are accommodated as much as possible. We will take you to the wonderful diving sites around north of Ishigaki island.

「The Best Diving Area in Japan」18 year consecutive wins

The wonderful sea of Ishigakijima.

Ishigakijima keeps being chosen as the best area for 18 years in the reader voting of magazine「Marine Diving」.


About Uminokyoushitsu Ishigaki

Pride of us.

Our experienced instructor will help your fun diving. We promise to take safety top priority.



Fun Diving / 3 dives¥20,350

inclued:insurance,facility,lunch,tax/Transportation is included if you will be staying in the city area.

Fun Diving / 3 dives + Full Eqipment¥27,170

inclued:eqipment,insurance,facility,lunch,tax/Transportation is included if you will be staying in the city area.
If you have any your own gear, let us know. We have individial rental eqipment fee.

Joining Qualifications


You must have certified open water diver.


You must be able to pass the medical questionnaire.

A person who has applicable items needs a medical certificate.

Important There is an item which applies and even if you come, the person who doesn’t have a medical certificate can’t participate in diving.(Cancellation charge 100%)


7:30-8:00Pick up at the hotel
8:30Arrive at the shop
9:00Leave Ibaruma Port
First dive
11:00Finish the first dive, and move to the second dive point.
Second dive
13:00Finish the second dive, and move to the Ibaruma Port
13:30Lunch time
14:30Leave Ibaruma Port
Third dive
16:30Arrive at the Ibaruma Port and retuen to the shop
You can take shower and change clothes, then logging and check out.
18:00Leave shop to the hotel
You will arrive hotel around 18:30-19:00

All time schedule may vary due to sea condition, weather condition etc. If you have a schedule after our dive trip please let us know in advance.